Our college successfully held the first academic forum for graduate students

update: 2019-12-16     editor: Bo Li

Our college successfully held the first academic forum for graduate students


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To improve the graduate student's academic research capacity, encourage them to carry out the interdisciplinary exchanges and study, rectification and implementation plan according to the theme of education in the early stage,the first postgraduate academic forum was held in the lecture hall 105 on the afternoon of December 13. Liu Yunchun, deputy secretary of the party committee of the college, Yu Guangwei, Wang Jinxiang, Shu Yinghua, Wang Ruilong, Song Mengke and Hu Zhenhong seven teachers attended and acted as judges. Chen Huayi, Chen Canming and other seven postgraduates of master's degree and doctor's degree entered the second round of the competition and made academic reports.


Before the competition, Zhang Kun, a Ph.D. graduate from the Department of soil science, as a guest, made an opening report under the title of petroleum hydrocarbon degradation behavior and microbial regulation mechanism under typical anaerobic reductive conditions, encouraging students to devote themselves to scientific research, to strengthen their academic ideals, and to produce scientific achievements.


At the beginning of the competition, the eight participating postgraduates will make academic reports in the order of drawing lots, and the judges will ask questions and give scores. All the participating postgraduate students have made full preparation in the early stage, combining their personal majors with their research projects. They have shown their good academic quality and spirit, which won the unanimous praise from all the judges.


Finally, deputy secretary Liu Yunchun summarized the activity, fully affirmed the significance of the activity and the performance of the players, and put forward ardent expectations for the on-site graduate students. He pointed out that the postgraduate group should play the role of youth as a new force in the national major strategic deployment, and he hoped that we can combine the academic characteristics of the college, go deep into the field, carry out extensive academic exchanges, and truly write papers on the earth, so as to be the young people of the new era who are worthy of great responsibility.


Next, based on the characteristics of the cultivation of graduate students, the school will build an academic exchange platform, encourage interdisciplinary communication and research, improve the quality of graduate students' cultivation and academic research ability, and make due contributions to the development of the college's disciplines and the university's leading edge.

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