The delegation from Lancaster University visited SCAU

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On June 23-25th 2017, the delegation from Lancaster University (LU) including the international programme manager Emma Carline, Dr. Ben Surridge and Dr.Zheng Zhou from Lancaster Environment Centre visited South China Agricultural University (SCAU).


For the three days’ visit, the delegation met with the international office of SCAU and discussed the details for the 2+2 undergraduate porgramme of environment sciences which is the first education collaboration between LU and SCAU. Students who have joined in the programme will study for the first two years in SCAU and go to LU for another two years and will be rewarded with two bachelor degrees by both SCAU and LU.


The delegation also gave an orientation meeting for the students who are going to study in LU of this 2+2 programme. Emma Carline introduced the campus of LU, including the information of location, library, laboratories, living cost and students’ life. Ben Surridge and Zheng zhou introduced Lancaster Environment Centre, research directions and teaching system in UK.


Emma Carline giving a talk


Ben Surridge giving a talk


With the 2+2 students

On June 24th 2017, the delegation joined the open day activity in SCAU for recruiting new students.



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