Jurg Enkerli visited SCAU

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During the July 3 to 10 2017. Invited by the dean of Resources and Environment College Wang Gianwu , the senior researcher of Agroscope agriculture academy from Swiss Confederation . Jurg Enkerlo came to the ecology department of Resources and Environment College for an exchange-visiting.


Dr.Enkerli went to the Zhengchen Teaching and Research Base to do the filed survey of the Metarhizium’s sampling site , he also participated the seminar of the lab . Then he did a academic report with the theme of “ Approaches to study the fungal biocontrol agent and Metarhizium in agricultural systems “ in the 105 Batian conference of Resources and Environment College in the morning of July 6th .


Dr. Jurg Enkerli mainly works in the fungal molecule ; the diversity of gene in different agriculture eco-system and the effect of the fungal community function caused by human yielding activities and environmental factors . This visit will improve the scientific communication and cooperation between our college and Agroscope in Swiss greatly .    

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